Acquaintance with a Nightmare

What has been the scariest moment of your life? For me, that would be that night i finally got to thinking. Laying in my bed, letting sleep slowly lull me into her, I thought about how for months i had been in pain. It was slowly breaking me right down to the core. The person … Continue reading Acquaintance with a Nightmare


One Lovely Blog Award

Hey everyone!  This is my First Award Ever and I want to thank Riya for nominating me for it. I insist that you check out her blog and especially her most popular series (according to me) "Unknown", because it is just amazing!  Rules: Each nominee must thank the person who nominated them and link their blog in their … Continue reading One Lovely Blog Award

Make an attempt!!

There are so many bloggers out here and all very good at what they write about. But there are some who don’t get as appreciated about their posts as much as they should be.
This post, it comes from heart. And i didn’t have enough words to tell my friend, who wrote this, just how much i loved this post. I hope this gesture conveys it. 
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When it comes to friendships, you need the kind of people in your life who love you for you.

You need the kind of people who you can talk about the complicated parts of your life with. The kind of people who won’t judge you, the kind of people who will listen to you and hold you when you’re crying because you can’t make sense of what’s going on. The kind of people who understand your fake laugh. The kind of people who slap you hard for your mistake but make sure that no one points out a finger at you for the same. The kind of people you can rely on, no matter how near or far they are from you.

You need the kind of people who inspire you to do better. The kind of people who balance you out but always support your dreams. The kind of…

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