The Eight Chapters 💖

This is one thing you gotta see if you are a true Harry Potter fan!!
Courtesy to my friend here for this amazing post. 

Expresso Feeliwrity

There they fought

There they performed the spell juggernaut….

One had to live

As ‘The child who lived’….

And the other stayed hidden in the woo

As ‘You know Who’ ….

To begin with,the child was all alone

Symphony and Baloney joined him to stay all along….

To find the hidden stone

To slay the vicious clone….

To script an adventurous escapade

From the prison of Azkaban and dear Snape….

With no nos and only ‘YES sire’

They solved the Goblet of fire….

And yet when the spare was spared

When the Dark Lord had his way paved….

They successfully restored the Order of Phoenix

But lost the beloved black to Bellatrix….

Then came the dark clouds in vice

Half Blood Prince made the precious sacrifice….

But the three still breezed successfully

Through the Deathly Hallows in the count of two, and not three….

Together they played

Together they learned….

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A Year! 

So only because of that tiny amazing bell, that only brings me the news of joy, did i get notified of completely a year with you guys!  Atleast technically.  The day i started this blog was also the day of my very first post. In the months that came, i wrote two more posts, each … Continue reading A Year!