Finally a Defination I LOVE… 

“We’re all a little wierd, and life’s a litte wierd. And when we find someone whose wierdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual wierdness and call it LOVE.” 

– Dr. Suess

Okay. I don’t know who “Dr. Suess” is, but i wish to thank him with all my heart. 

All my life ( until today i mean… 😐) i kept wondering what Love really is. I am not talking about the kind of Love between a boy and a girl who find each other attractive. No. I am generalising the term “Love” here. 
I have read and heard so many people on what Love really is, and how it takes you on the 7th Heaven etc… etc.. But of course those never quenched my curiosity. 

I am not saying that this statement has finally put an end to my hunt for the answer to my question, but this is the first time that i read an explanation and smiled. The first time i felt as if i FINALLY found the first piece to this puzzle. 

Its still a long way to know what Love really is because come on! I think we would all agree that there is no feeling as complicated as Love but still beautiful enough to make people like us want to understand it! 

Whats your take on this? Do you have any answers on what you think LOVE really is or maybe a part of an explanation to it?? Tell me about it in the comments. Maybe together we will be able to put a few more pieces of this MASSIVE puzzle into place! 


P. S. I know I may never find the last piece of this puzzle, but I intend to find as many as possible. 


4 thoughts on “Finally a Defination I LOVE… 

  1. lysseliz says:

    Dr. Seuss is one of the famous American author, an artist, animator and produces the trends of The Cat in the Hat, and also The Lorax. He’s writing has always been whimsical and alluring especially to children who’s mind goes beyond the stars. So.. were you in love?


  2. Shrushti says:

    Omg. Honestly? Dr. Suess you don’t know him!? 😫 It’s like saying idk who Barack Obama is but…. Haha, he’s a very famous for writing children’s books! You should read more of his work I’m sure you’ll love it!!

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