High School

Time flew by so quickly, didn’t realize its been almost a year since school ended. So many promises were promised to be kept, but Look! There are not many unbroken. 

It was a big leap. Not moving out of that place, those halls and those classrooms, but moving out of the comfort zone. Surrounded by faces i knew and grew up with, the place i knew by heart and most of all the feeling of belonging that i experienced there and then. But now its all left behind and it feels as unsettling as one feels when been robbed of a warm blanket on a cold morning. 

Those friendships i thought would last forever, now nowhere exists in just a year. The never ending topics of gossips and whatnot, have finally ended in just a year. There was a time when i knew about my friends’ life in every detail, but now we’re strangers in just a year. We always had fights but we got over them quick, but those fights in the last month didn’t get resolved and now the distance will never let it get resolved ever. 

I got new friends and i’m having the time of my life but the “Unforgettable People List” does not limit only to your first love but also extends to your high school friends. 

I wish everyday that i could relive only one day from back then. 
And even though i know there will be no such experience, i still would say that if i do get that one day, i will live it to the fullest! I will Laugh, i will tease, i will get scolded, i will scold, i will pass chits, i will attempt to talk to my bffs across the room in whispers, i will get punished, i will sing songs while the teacher is teaching, i will have my tiffin in class, i will crack jokes, i will boss around, i will gossip, i will give relationship advice,i will bunk and i will do EVERYTHING I EVER DID AND EVER WANTED TO DO IN HIGH SCHOOL. 



21 thoughts on “High School

    • Girl711 says:

      Well… I would say, cherish it while you have it. Its never going to return. Make the best memories and enjoy a lot! Those memories are what you will have for life. 😁

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  1. true12imam says:

    “being alone is better than having bad friends and having good friends is better than loneliness”
    nice blog my friend, i hope you keep up the good work and share your enthusiastic thoughts with others more and more.
    i remember my high school time, it was the fundamental of my strong present friendships that i’m really happy to have.

    wish you the best


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  2. NoctuaKnight says:

    I’ve been out of high school for nearly a year now too. It’s crazy how fast time flies! I don’t miss a lot about high school, because honestly I have had a better time since I got out. I agree though that the way friendships change is so weird!

    My friend from high school and I rarely talk anymore. We get together whenever I’m in town, but the distance is hard.

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  3. Al saher says:

    School days are the best 😍😍
    Though it holds both sweet and sour memories…. It’s beautiful enough to tempt someone to live them again 💖
    Ua blog is damn beautiful 😊😍


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