This was going to be my last post: 
“Its been more than a year since i first joined this community. Then, i started this blog just for the sake of it. It was something i wanted to cross off my bucket list. 

But soon it was not just about that. It meant more to me. It was a place where i could vent up my feelings, without having the fear of being judged, a place where i could share and discuss my thoughts. And of course i love all of that. 

But blogging, it consumes me completely. I have always been a person who thinks too much, but blogging it made me do so even more. And though its not bad, sometimes it leads me to think over stuff i don’t ever want to remember. 

I can’t really explain as to why i want to end my blog, because i don’t really understand that completely myself. But i feel that its not yet time for my blog. I feel its my to go out and see more, listen more, feel more…. I guess i feel that maybe this isn’t the right time to have a blog. I am not prepared. This is not the way i wanted my blog. I don’t know what i wanted it to be like, but i feel that maybe in the future i could make it that. So i guess thats what i am doing now- Taking a Break.” 

As i said, this WAS going to be my last post. 

All these doubts i had in my mind, i don’t know where they came from. But i guess i am just lucky to have such amazing friends. These two friends of mine- AK and YS ( i choose to keep them anonymous but still had to mention them),they are the ones who convinced me against it. While AK did an amazingly daring move which could probably even lead me into commiting his murder ( almost did..),YS got soooo sad that i could believe someone could be just because i was ending this blog (though now i think he must have pretended that purposely to get me to continue posting…😕). And these two people made me rethink. 

And here i am, proclaiming that it is infact NOT going to be my last post. I am not going to stop posting. These two idiots i know, they convinced me not to. 

So i guess i will see you guys around! 
Stay tuned! 



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