A Year! 

So only because of that tiny amazing bell, that only brings me the news of joy, did i get notified of completely a year with you guys! 
Atleast technically. 

The day i started this blog was also the day of my very first post. In the months that came, i wrote two more posts, each after a long interval of time. The fourth post however was published on 20th september and THEN it began. So in my opinion, i would complete a year on that day. 

I guess when i started this blog, having just passed my 10th grade, i didn’t really know what i was going to write. I think i still don’t know. But there is a huge difference between that 15 year old me and the current “16” year old me. Stepping out of my ZONE, into the real world, taught me a lot of things. I gained a bit of wisdom too i would say. I think in a completely different perspective now. I actually rethink about a lot of things and oh!! The realisation of how many wrong things i believed in and how many wrong opinions i had, hit hard. But thats okay. It was a phase and everyone has to go through it. Maybe exactly a year from today, i would still be thinking this, only about the 16 year old me ( Hah! Thats gonna be fun!). 

I made quite some friends here and read more than i wrote. The talent you all have truely inspires me. Maybe i started writing because i wanted to have followers and stuff, but Hello!!! I told ya about how different and grown up i am FROM THE LAST YEAR-ME!
And now i know i am not writing for that. Actually i don’t know the reason yet. All i know is that i love this. I love writing. And i love you guys reading what i write. I love those likes and comments, and i love sharing your opinions. I love reading what you write. Basically i love all of it! 

Its been a great year!! And i know i havent posted anything since like a month or so, but take a chill pill guys! Because…….. *Drumroll*…..

P. S. Thank you sooooo much guys! Its your support that encouraged me. 😘😘 



12 thoughts on “A Year! 

  1. NoctuaKnight says:

    Congrats on a year of posting! I love that little bell of notifications! (Actually it told me the other day I have been a word presser for 4 years, which confused me, but oh well!)
    Anyhow, one year can change a lot about a person. I wouldn’t think of your old thoughts and opinions as wrong, just keep in mind that you have learned more and have grown more, so now you have a better perspective! 🙂


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