Ugh!!! Tired of these DUMBLEDORE fights! 

For all those Dumbledore haters and lovers out there, this one’s for you! 

I won’t say that Dumbledore would be my most favorite character out of the Harry Potter world nor am I some kind of a DUMBLEDORE-LOVER, but I do think that he deserves the respect he earned. 

Yes, I agree he was selfish and that he was not the man he showed himself as, but he did what he had to do to free the world of Voldemort. 

Yes, I agree he left Harry alone at his aunt’s who turned out not to be the best guardian he could have given Harry, but lets face it, Dumbledore had no option!! Because if he would have let Harry stay in the wizarding world with him or someone else, there were chances Harry would be our second Draco! The proud, egoistic Bully!! Oh!! That would have been awful! 

Yes, i also agree that he kept too many things from Harry, but maybe that was for the better?? 
You tell me. Who looks up to a person who they don’t THINK are perfect?? 
The point i wanna make is that Harry looked up to Dumbledore. He believed in him. And so even though Dumbledore kept many secrets from Harry, i would not complain because Harry got inspired with what he saw and what he saw was what he should have been. Dumbledore played the most important part in making Harry the person we love so much today, and he did his best. 

And come on! Everyone need to agree with me on this one that he gave some pretty good advices: 

So maybe he wasn’t the best person, he was still a good one. So respect that! Accept that he was a good man and move on! Stop criticizing him once and for all!! 



10 thoughts on “Ugh!!! Tired of these DUMBLEDORE fights! 

  1. Al saher says:

    We do have some similarity in the thinking process over blogging topics 😛…. Though not completely 😅
    Even I’ve written something over Harry Potter series 🙈🙈



    Hey, popped up from the Community pool and although I’m not an avid follower of the series, i did like Dumbledore out of everyone because of the lines he had, some of which you put in here. This was great to read! xD


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