A Request

You can only pile up something to an extent. After that it all comes tumbling down and the mess it makes is even more difficult to clean up. 

Everyone of us (and there is no exception) has this metaphorical pot inside us, that we use as a dumpster. No kidding. Everyone of us at some point use this pot to dump our emotions into. Emotions that we don’t express. 

Things others say that hurt you. Someone blowing up on you for no good reason. Someone using YOU as their dumpster. Thoughts hammering you from the past. And these are just the most common ones. Everyday, all these situations compel you to retort, but when you realize that it is useless, you stop. Instead you bottle up these thoughts and emotions inside you. 

On sight, it may not look like much, but its feels like a big load in your heart. 

I just want everyone out there to take a moment and think. Think about your actions, you behaviour. Are you knowingly or unknowningly hurting someone?? If yes, then i request you that please stop doing that. Please. Just stop using people for you benefit. There is no bigger foul, no bigger cruelty than that. 

This post is not inspired by my life. It is inspired by people around me. Some of them, i am acquainted with, maybe even friends with. But some even those whom i have never even shared a word with, but by the look in their eyes, their face, i could just tell. 

So i request all of you out there once again. Maybe you don’t intend to, but if you are hurting or using someone, its high time you realize it and stop it. 



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