An End to 2016

An end to this year full of happiness and wonder, with the addition of some fights and diappointments, but a year still worth. 

I learned a lot of new things this year and experienced many new things like college life, being out of your comfort zone, making amazing new friends, learning how to work on past friendships too, keeping a steady balance in your life and a bit more of freedom from parents! 

All along a tiny teeny part of me was scared of this world, but now even that part of me is in love with this new life. And the next year 2017, I am not going to be scared. Instead i am going to enjoy to the fullest ( still not forgetting to study).

I hope this upcoming year is full of opportunities, possibilities and success for all of us (and our blogs.. 😝). 

And now for the resolution part. Well… Even though the fact remains that every year I make a resolution and never keep it, a person should not stop trying. Right?? 

So here are some of my resolutions. 

1) I am going to exercise Every Day. 
Its not like i’m fat or anything, but a person should also remain fit. Especially since I dream that maybe one day suddenly i will be caught up in a mystery where i will have to chase suspects and that i will catch the culprit. πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡ 

2) I am going to correct a few mistakes that i made and which hurt Emby. I am going to stitch up all those tiny holes in our friendship with some kind of powerful ultra-thread or something. 

3) I am going to read ATLEAST one classic.
 Yeah. I don’t know how and when, but i have that urge in me now. 

So thats all. I am going to have a difficult time trying to keep these three itself. No space for more. 

So tell me about your resolutions and how you spent this year?? 

I’ll see you the next year now. 😘😘 




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