A Peaceful Day

You know, at first i had written a big post about this one. But later i realized that “No. I wanna keep this one short and simple.” 
So here’s the edited version: 

A few days back, I along with some of my friends, was standing outside our college. Right across the street was a blind man and he was going to cross the street. It wasn’t me who spotted him but a friend of mine. We were just watching that man. The worst thing was that there was a perfectly healthy young man standing just beside him and he crossed the street and went his way without sparing a glance at the blind man.That friend of mine, who had spotted him in the first place, went over. He helped that man cross the street and then also stopped a ride for him. 

But you know, even though i was only one of the many spectators, and it wasn’t even me who helped that man, i still felt a sudden calmness settle in my being. Though i had the day start bad, it did not remain bad for the rest of it. 

Many of you may not feel about it the way i did, but my heart goes to people, it goes to helping people and even though i only watched a person being helped, i felt at peace and full of happiness. 

Note: I highly recommend you to try helping an estranged person. You’ll get what I mean. 




2 thoughts on “A Peaceful Day

  1. Scrawler08 says:

    Yaa!! It is a real pleasure helping people. It is really bad when people see the old or challenged people and they simply walkby.If you are blessed with everything use it in a positive way. Even i faced the same situation, on my way back home. I saw an old couple finding it hard to cross the road just because of high speed vehicles which dint stop on their appeal. It is really sad. When i helped them they just told me god bless u and may everyone be like u.According to me this is the real joy!!


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