And then what? 

I often wonder what happens when someone dies?? 
I wonder what it is to die?? 

Like one moment here you are feeling emotions, seeing things, talking, maybe you are experiencing some kind of pain or maybe you are in the space where you, out of the blue, realize that its gonna end… And then the next second, THAT IS IT. You just cease to exist. Just like that. Not feeling anymore. Not even feeling nothing. All those things cut off from you and yet u can’t even feel ripped. And then what?? 

People around me believe in souls and afterlife. I don’t know if i do. But even if its true, that souls, freed of their bodies, live among us and watch us every moment, what would it be like? 

Painful?? That even though you can see and hear all those whom you cared about, you can’t sit and talk and laugh and eat and do all those others things you used to. 
Or satisfactory?? That you atleast have a part of them. 

Everybody fears Death. Everybody. But what i think is that there is nothing to be afraid of in that. Its just a phase which will pass in a fraction of second, before you even feel it. What one should be afraid of is of not knowing what lays ahead. No one does. And no one alive will ever know.Its like walking alone in a dense jungle. And even if you don’t want to walk through it and just turn and go back to where you came from, thats just not an option. 



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