Actions Talk

Hey people!! 

Today, i have got a few questions for you.

Have you ever known yourself about people’s thinking toward you, even when they never verbally expressed it??? How?? 

Have you ever experienced this: 
Someone who did not not behave well with you earlier now wants to be best friends with you, but now you know better?? Why?? 

Have you ever stopped talking to someone you thought was your good friend, because of something they did bad?? 

You know what is common in all these situations? 

A person does not need to say anything. Their behaviour in your presence and toward you is enough for you to know that they don’t like you. 
A person who never treated you well earlier suddenly wants to be your friend??
“Please!! Something is fishy and i am sure its for some kind of purpose”. Isn’t this what everyone thinks?? 
A person who had you betrayed, may do that again without hesitation. And so you stay clear of them. 

Now, these all were only the negatives situations. 

Actions do not only convey negative feelings, but positive too. 

A person smiling on your sight makes you feel wanted and happy. Just being there for someone in their bad times make them know what they mean to you. Helping someone will make that person happy. And there are soo many others things too. 

But what i wanna say is that your actions define everything.

And time is no element in this. Something you did years ago may cost you something big today. 

You know, when i was in the 7th grade, my sister found out one of my secrets from my diary. I was okay with it, afterall it was just my sister, but only until that night. We were downstairs playing with our friends and suddenly i heard my sister telling my secret on one of her friends. It was just once. And it was a long time ago. But since then i never confided in her. I can’t bring myself to share my secrets with her. 

So what i mean is that you need to careful.
Actions speak more than words can ever do. And if the actions speak bad, there is nothing that words could ever do. 



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