Tells a LOT!! 

I am a person who loves singing (mostly in private) and listening to songs. I’m sure thats the same with half the population of this Mighty Earth. 

So all “Song-Lovers” out there,If you have seen the movie ‘Begin Again’,I am sure that you may have come across this quote for sure –

Begin Again (2013)

And its damn true I tell you!!! 

You know, when i first heard this, the first thing i did was not go check someone else’s lyrics but instead I checked mine. And it was a combination of sad songs, happy ones, rock and love songs and i really could not figure out anything. 

But then it kind of became my habit to look through playlists of different people. I guess you need to understand it well… But eventually u really can relate it to that person. People listen to the kind of music which relates to their feelings and moods. But sometimes even if they are not feeling that and listen to a kind of music, they relate themselves to it. 

For example – If i am in a calm happy mood but i am listening a gloomy, sad, break-up kind of song, i will relate myself to it and my thoughts involuntarily go in that direction, naturally making me gloomy and sad soon enough. 

But anyways, i really like this quote. And i like trying to figure out people. Of course no one can ever figure someone out completely, but its good to know that you know a part of them. 



7 thoughts on “Tells a LOT!! 

  1. Shrushti says:

    That is so true… I guess it’s okay when someone sees your playlist but it gets really scary when they actually understand the why behind it. The connection between the songs and what they might really mean to you or say about you


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