Me first

There have been times when i have had to prioritize my life. Prioritize the people in my life. Decide who stands in the most important place in my life. And now i realize that whenever i had been in such situations, i ALWAYS forgot the most important person – “me”.

I am sure almost all of you have been through this. 

I have always tried to make others happy. In fact sometimes i went out of my way to do that. I tried to please them in everyway possible. Maybe it can also be called as an effort to make them like me or call me “important” in their lives. I never hurt them, even if sometimes i may lead to me getting hurt. The gist – i prioritized EVERYONE over ME. 

But is it right?? 

I mean, people who want to stay in my life by choice, will. And people who want to leave me, will do that no matter how hard i try to make them stay. I will never be happy myself if i only care about other’s happiness. And about hurting them?? Well, things that need to be said and done, should be said and done. There is no getting out of that anyway. So why prolong it and hurt yourself?? 

I think its time now. Its time i place myself above all. Time i start caring about my happiness first. Time i stop worrying about hurting people, and start living my life with people who actually care about me. Its time i make myself “important” in my life. Because thats just how they say it – ” I love you,but i love me MORE. ”



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