Every person alive has scars, each one telling its own story. Some may tell you a sad one, while some a happy one ( yeah people…HAPPY SCARS!!)

One has too many scars. Some from the times they fell, some from the times they fought. And it’s so weird you know, how every time you feel that scar, everything comes rushing back to you like a gush of water in the storm-Unstoppable. And you are forced to relive that. Relive that pain, that hurt, and it makes you weak again for some time.

You may try to cover up those scars. Hide them from yourselves. But under those band-aids, you still feel that slight bulge of that scar. It never goes away really.

But you know what I think??

Those scars do not show how many times you fell or you fought. They show how many times you failed but still rose up from it and survived. Those scars hurt you till the time you assume them to be just that. But I believe them to be my medals from the times I stood strong and trust me, they don’t hurt at all.

You know, people write these big paragraphs with words so amazing that you need to look up the dictionary for every fifth word (LOL!!), and you feel that it’s so amazing. I don’t. I like things simple and I use simple words. Because that’s who I am.

And just like that – Its simple. Those scars make you who you are. They are a part of you. They show that even though you have been through a lot, here you are-standing with all your strength. They make you YOU.


P.S. Yaaaayyy!!! Well even though my phone is not yet repaired, my laptop is, which means I can write regularly again!! Stay tuned people!!



One thought on “Scars

  1. Shrushti says:

    I love how you’re so true to yourself. I agree with this. So many days you wake up, carefully covering up yours scars, making sure they don’t show but what’s weird is THEY’RE you. (Simple girl with simple words 😁)

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