Apology ( again -_- )

My birthday…it was a bash!! And i mean it in the good as well as the bad way.

You see, i got many gifts, had a nice, small party (kind of…) at midnight and i met most of my friends. It was all going so well. But then due to some carelessness, i dropped my phone onto hard pavement of the road, leading to disastrous consequences ( no exageration people, we are talking about my PHONE afterall). Actually the screen of my phone cracked, and now it looks as if a spider crawled inside my phone and it is now taunting me by making a nice, big web of his right below the screen ( please note the sadness ).

So anyways, since i wrote all my posts through my phone and i had one prepared already and was going to post it the next day, i can no longer be as regular. I assure i will write at least once a week though.

I am rewriting that post that got erased and i will probably post it by tomorrow at the most, so stay tuned people. And don’t forget to share your views whatsoever.




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