Officially To-Be 16!!

Okay…so right now its exactly 9:46 pm here. Thats like only around two hours for 7th november – My birthday.

I am one of those people who love their birthdays. I get super excited. And this year its more so than the usual as its my “Sweet Sixteen” people!!!

Okay. Frankly speaking i don’t even know what is so special about the 16th birthday. But i guess i have a few reasons of my own:

1) First of all n the most important- NO ONE can ever call me a KID anymore. I now fall in the grown up category, if not an adult, and hence it feels kinda nice…!! ( No kidding…)

2) Well, i do get my driving license…. ( although i have been driving without one already, but it feels good that i won’t have to worry about getting caught anymore 😉 )

3) This may sound a bit funny or lame but it sounds great when i say – ” Yaa… I’m sixteen.” I mean, just say it out loud yourself. Especially if you are actually sixteen. You have to admit that it does… And that makes me happy.

Yaa…thats all thats needed to get me so hyped up. Also this year, my sister has something big planned up on her sleeve, inspite of her exams, and so i am very happy already for her efforts. Many of my other friends too have planned something for me which just adds up to all the adrenaline.

Ooohh…. I can’t wait for it. I am literally jumping up and down in my seat right now.

Wooowww!!! I’m gonna be sixteen!!😊😊

Girl711 (10:00 pm)


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