When i go away…

P.S. Go away here means “die”

So this is one sensitive topic and whenever i start with this topic, people ask me not to, like a reflex.

Yes. I too of course don’t like the thought of me dying, but i don’t understand why people can’t talk about it when everyone is eventually doomed to it. I guess i got a reality check last year when my grandmother died. In fact its been more than a year, but everyone in the family is still reeling with the loss. And its difficult. And i started to think about when i would die when i am around 80 something ( yaa….i AM going to live that long…😑).

I just don’t want people to cry over me for long. I mean, if someone really means a lot to me, i would always be trying to make them happy because that would in turn make me happy. And of course if they keep crying over me, its gonna be a grand failure to that. I know its a lot to ask and it is natural to cry and remember someone who is gone, but i also know that i won’t want that. I would want that if someone remembers me, it would be because of the happy times we spent or something like that. Not because i am gone.

I wish that people will remember me because i WAS. Not because i am not now.

And i will do that for you too.

This is an excerpt from a local newspaper, that came in just a week after i published this post, and it relates and supports my post too well. 



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