Its my choice.

Being in the situation and imagining what the situation would be like are two completely opposite poles.

For instance, if i am in some kind of situation and i have choices to make, i will do what i deem is the best. Some other person may feel what choice i made is wrong or selfish, but thats okay. They didn’t know how it was to be in  my shoes.

My parents always correct me. They say they don’t want me to do the same mistakes they did. I know they care and maybe they are right on some level. But i also know that i will never learn if i don’t experience everything first hand. Only when i know the consequences of my choices will i become better at this thing called “life”.

Its good to have different opinions. Imagine a world where people agree on every teensy thing… God that would be preety darn boring. Having different opinions keeps us active. Also i get to understand everything with different perspectives. I respect it. But i don’t respect the people who don’t understand this.

Is it soo important that every single person agrees with you??? Come on… Its my choice. I maybe wrong but i will live with it, learn from it, and never make the same mistake again.

There will always be sooo many options. Help me choose the right one but don’t tell me which is the right one. Let me figure that out on my own. It may take a few tries but someday i will make the right choice all on my own.



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