Worth the wait….

The things that we yearn for are the things we don’t get easily. We are supposed to work hard for them, earn them and it does take time but come on! Even God won’t keep us from it forever. 

Most of the times, people give up right before their success.

But face it guys. When you finally get that thing you so wanted, that one moment when you realize that “Yay! I got it”, that smile full of content on your face, its all worth it. Just so worth it.

You know, i lost something i could easily achieve, just by giving up on the last moment. I freaked out. Thought i was not good enough. In the end someone told me that i was wrong and i got back on track. But then i missed that thing by an inch. And later i realized that if i had not backed out that day when i did, things would be different now.

So thats all i wanna say people. Don’t give up on your dreams. Earn them. Fight for it. Achieve it. 

It is soo worth the wait.



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