What to do!??

I am an artistic kind of girl… At the same time i love reading books ( as you all already know…) and i also love the idea of writing someday. On the other hand, i am pretty good at academics too. So my parents think i should go for something complete academic as a career. 

Now tell me… What should a person like me do??!! Its so confusing… Thinking about it all the time..

I keep doodling away in my books… And i have this passion about drawing and designing… So i am very much interested in architecture n designing… 

But then sometimes i feel that i can do better in lierature. Like an editor or something, since i feel at home around books. 

Even though i am pursuing designing right now… Taking tuitions for it.. I can’t help but think about this all the time. 

You got some advice for me??

And maybe there is someone out there facing the same problem as me… Maybe i can help you out. Ask away…. 



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