There are two kinds of people: 

1) People who come in your life for a short period of time. They come like a breeze – invisible and slow, and they go like a storm – hard and fast and leaving traces everywhere. 

2) The ‘forever’ kind of people. These people have been there with you for so long, you forget how they ever came in the first place. They aren’t like the breeze or the storm. They are like the air you breathe in – steady and supporting. 

I am going to be honest here. Everyone chooses the first kind. You may disagree with me now, but i am sure u will accept as you read. 

I have some people in my life like Emby, my parents, my sister and three other friends – RD,YL and YK ( both of them girls… I never introduced them earlier). I may have missed someone, but now, as in today, these are the people who i think are going to stay with me forever. The ‘forever’ people in my life. 

I have many other friends. From college, old school, tuitions. I meet them almost everyday. I spend time with them, laugh with them, talk to them. You must be doing the same. But all along, you forget that these people won’t stay with you forever. (at least you don’t get that impression from them just yet…) 

You forget to give enough attention to the people who matter. People you should be spending time with. The people who will stand by you. People who will stay by you forever. Trust me on this one. I know what i am talking about. I did the same thing. And maybe still am. 

And i regret it.

Maybe your other friends will be angry with you for a day or two, but don’t skip your plans with you family or your best friends. Just because your family doesn’t get angry, don’t treat them the way you should not. Show them through your actions that they mean the world to you. Tell them that just like they plan on being with you forever, you too plan to do the same with them. 

Don’t lose your forever for the people who might not even matter the next day. They are not worth it. 

Never lose your forever. Ever…. 



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