Everyone has dreams… Dreams of becoming something, dreams about things you want, dreams about your fears etc… etc… Just so many… 

I don’t know about other places but there is a belief at my place that the dreams you see at dawn, come true…. When i was little i used to believe it with all my heart. Jump about in the house happily if i got a wonderful dream and sulk for WEEKS if i got a bad one…. 😂😅

But none of my dreams ( the ones i had in sleep) ever came true-except that one of getting a new doll when i was 7 and my dad did gift me one… But comeon lets face it…he did that only because i demanded him to buy me one (with a lot of crying)… -so yeah. I no longer believe in that saying. However does not mean i stop believing it altogether. 

Dreams are like that cinemas you get to watch for free. Yes, you get happy when the lead actor (which means you) gets happy and sad when he/she does… Just like cinema. They add spice to your life. I for one never want to stop having dreams..

However there are some dreams too that do come true if you are willing enough… I for instance have this dream that i want to achieve something big so dat people related to me, meaning my family and my best friend is acknowledged by my name ( although Emby will also be famous., so it may also be the other way round… 😉)….. Example – When Mitchell Obama walks around, even though she is an amazing personality herself, people still refer to her as BARACK OBAMA’S WIFE.

You get the point?? 

So what i wanna say is that dreams are like fairytales you could get lost in. You can live in them. But the fact still remains that you live in the real world. You can still enjoy your dreams….but not so much that you forget to FULFILL YOUR DREAMS. 

Why don’t you tell me about your dreams??? 



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