Life Lesson

It is bad enough that someone close to you dies, but it hurts even more if it happens when you are least expecting it. Trust me when i say that because i know what i am talking about. 

My grandmother unexpectedly died last year August 15. Saying that i got over it soon would be a big, fat lie. Even today a part of me feels hollow somehow. Sometimes i start thinking about her (forgetting i will never see her again) and then when it hits me like a storm, it pains even more. 

From all of that though i took a lesson. You never know what will happen the next time you set your foot outside or the next thing that would happen after you storm out of a place after a fight with someone etc. You may also never know what is going to happen to ur closed ones. You dont’t know how long you are to live.. So is it woth it to waste time in fights or staying sad or whatever!??? 

No!!! Its absolutely not. You have this present in your hands and its you who has to design it, then why not show your creativity?! 

You only get this life once people… Don’t waste it brooding over something that not happened. Smile over something has did happen. 

Tell me about instances in your life when you too realized that life is too short to waste… I will be happy to hear about it. 



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