New Beginnings

I never like breaking my ties with anyone. I like to hold on to people in my life (of course only if they want to willingly stay). So it pains me when i have to for some reason stop talking to someone i consider close. 

A year back i met a guy who had been one of my friends in childhood, before i changed my school. He was in a tuition of mine. When i entered on my first day and saw him, i immediately recognized him and smiled. He too gave me one of his own smiles. Time progressed. We didn’t talk much but i still felt happy to see someone who had been my friend once. It was like i felt hope thinking that as at the same time around all the stuff about Pico and Sylvie was happening and i needed friends most at that time. Of course he didn’t know any of that. 

Some of his friends then started teasing me on him. I used to ignore it thinking that thats what friends do to embarass you. But later i understood he liked me. In any normal circumstances i would have talked to him about it and let him know that i still wanted to be friends. However i was too messed up at that point. My heart felt heavy and i didn’t think myself capable of talking to him without falling apart in front of him. So obviously i did the next thing in my mind. I started to keep my distance and ignored him. Guess i was successful since he had completely stopped trying to talk to me by the end of the year. I felt bad that i had to lose a friend but i could do nothing. 

School ended and so did my relation with Pico. I moved past it. I was happy. I was living my life. Then around mid – may, that guy from my tuition-lets call him AK-contacted me again through facebook saying that he was sorry for everything and that he too was past everything. He also said that he didn’t want to lose a friend like me. Feeling just the same i readily agreed. Things escalated from there. I started talking to him more and late. Secrets were shared, stories were told. I grew close to him. In a very short span of time i trusted him alot. But there was a part of me that wondered why had he ever contacted me in the first place after what i did to him. Somewhere i feared that he was just like other guys and so now when i trusted him so much he would betray me as a revenge. But of course i never voiced my thoughts. 

I shared my problems with him and he too did the same. Once when i had a fight with Emby, i knew i could not talk to her immediately but i also needed to talk to someone. SO i talked him and he consoled me even when i refused to tell him the reason of our fight ( i liked things kept in between me and Emby). He told me that we were best friends that eventually we both (me and emby) will start missing each other and talk again. I felt calm after that. I called Emby and we sorted everything out. 

I guess maybe it was then i knew that he would never betray me. We talk regularly and meet often as we go to the same college. He makes me laugh and consoles me when i am sad. I realized that he was the next person i trusted the most after Emby. He is a great guy. I tease him a lot and also trouble him. Most of friends still tease us but now i don’t care as i know that the friendship we share stands above all. I know i can turn to him with any problem any time and he will never let me down. 

I believe myself very lucky to have two such amazing people in my life. They both ( Emby and AK) mean the world to me. 



7 thoughts on “New Beginnings

    • Girl711 says:

      Thanks! I am so glad you liked it! Although its been a long time since you started here, i was unavailable to visit your blog. However, i am hoping you are getting on with it and are loving to be a part of this family. I would love to check out your blog for sure! All the best to you dear!

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      • WaviGirl says:

        Thank You!! Yes, I have experienced this problem before, I don’t know what the problem is? I hope I can fix it soon!! Anyway, here’s the link again: And thanks again!! 😊

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      • Girl711 says:

        Hey! Visited your blog! Interesting views on London! Although i don’t know much about London since i haven’t ever been there. Although i kinda love traffic too. *High five* 😉
        Due to some glitch in my phone, i could not comment.. But i look forward to your posts. 😀


  1. multitudeofmythoughts says:

    I appreciate the clarity on your part to stick it all to just friendship.Sometimes distance and time from our side is needed and is essential to curb the attatachment.So I am glad you took control of your thoughts and were clear with the way you have to deal.This was what was trying explaining you via my post that situations can be tough but solutions and the extent to which we have to get involved always depend on us.
    I appreciate your frankness and honesty with regard to sharing this post.Keep writing!:-)

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