A Small World inside the Bigger One. 

Note: I know this is a long one…but i hope you all read it…since i wrote it with all my heart. 

When i look back to the past, i see that there were only two things i turned to when i was hurt or going through some difficult situation. First was always my best friend. The second however was not someone but something. 


I guess i sort of inherited the passion for books from my father since the rest of my family just crinkle their noses on the mention of books!!! *making a disgusted face*. I mean how can someone just not read books is beyond me. Anyways, as i was saying i started reading from an early age. You can just leave me locked up in a room full of books for years (and food :P) and you won’t hear me complaining once. 

Whenever i am angry or sad i start reading. I get myself lost in a world of happy endings and play fights and sorta-fairytales. I allow myself to believe for sometime that things happening are meant to be, that it would lead to something beautiful, something which will make everything worth it. Maybe this will sound crazy, but the books…well…they sort of speak to me. I get comforted. I find solutions to my problems. I don’t really believe that everything is destined and that it happens for the good of our own, but reading books, it makes me want to believe all that and in everything else too. You wanna know how it makes everthing fine for me?? I will give you an example. 

Me and my best friend Emby…well…we fight a lot (which only happens since we mean a lot to each other.. I mean you don’t go off fighting with someone you don’t give a shit about!!). So continuing, some months ago we had a kind of a huge fight and the fact that we both are short-tempered and stubborn didn’t really help. We were talking on the phone and she just said that she didn’t want to deal with this now and hanged up on me. I would be lying if i said that the only thing i felt was anger because mixed up with it was Hurt. Of course since i didn’t want to cry in front of my parents and my sister, i turned it up to anger. I had no idea i was literally heaving until my sister asked me what was wrong. I just gave her some bullshit, took my phone and left saying that i was going for a run. I went to a nearby park and sat on a swing and started reading a book on my phone without even reading the title of the book. I don’t know if it was a coincidence or what but the book was about two best friends who stopped talking to each other because of some misunderstanding. They all along wanted to go and talk to each other, share their feelings and experiences but both being stubborn, no one took the initiative. Then one day one of them meets with a pretty brutal accident and slips into coma. The other finally understands her mistakes and then goes to the hospital everyday to talk to her best friend. Months later when her best friend finally slips out of it they sort it out and go back to being best friends.(that was just the gist of it. In reality a hell lot of things happen which make them realize that they were each other’s strength)(and i don’t know which book it was since i had to format my phone, but i am still trying to find it). I was sitting in the park for 3 hours then. On the walk back i realized that such petty issues should not destroy our friendship. I called her and apologized and soon everthing was normal. It made me want to believe that maybe it did happen for a reason, because i sure did learn a lesson that day. 

For all those out there who don’t read books: Its not geeky or nerdy to read books. In fact you learn things no would ever teach you. You experience stuff you would never in real life. Its almost Life-altering and i really wish you start reading. 

Just maybe someday you would all realize that they aren’t just a bundle of printed papers bound together. They are a bundle of hope, love, friendship and life bound together. A Smaller World inside the Bigger One. 



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