Best Friends. 

I am one person who is very dependant on people in my life. I am that insecure, scared person who constantly questions one’s significance. In short a very difficult person to put up with. 

But i guess everyone has that one amazing person in their life that makes everything seem easier. In my case it is Emby

Like the rest of my life, this too appears to have come out of a teenage novel. 

We started off on the wrong foot. Actually that would be an understatement. It was more like we started of as ARCH ENEMIES. We used to hate each other’s guts to an extent unexplainable ( if that is even a word). I doubt there was a thing left that we didn’t try to make each other’s life hell. 

In 7th grade, she ended up in my class without her best friend. I guess you can say that thats how it started. Of course there were a few problems again, but as we started spending time we got to know that we are the branches of the same tree. Similar in nature, similar in thinking and we even have same opinions most of the times. The only thing that made us different was our way of working. She was like that strong tree which stands proudly even in a storm while i was that small girl who asked people politely for shelter under that tree- and just cowered when pushed away. Slowly friendship bloomed and grew. Sharing secrets, helping each other, protecting each other from bullies for a year finally led us to become Best Friends. 

It is said that you should be with the people who bring out the best in you. And she did. She made me stronger, taught me to fight back for myself and for others. She played a great part in making me the way i am today. 

I may have tons of friends in life, and some of them may even grow very close to my heart but no one will ever replace my best friend. No one will ever come close enough. 

She is my strength. She is my best friend. 



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