Life Is Wonderful

NOTE: Read ” An Apology and Introduction” before you read this. 

I am now a college student. At first i used to think that everything will change when i get to college… Apparently it just turned to be one of the many things i was wrong about. 
Well… Things DO change… But not the way i thought they would. I thought that it would be like stepping into a new world. New people and New life. But now i think that thats not true. Even though people around you change considerably, YOU don’t and that is why it still remains the same. MOST of your priorities remain same…( I am stressing on ” Most” here) and so its just a matter of time you finally realize that NOTHING changes…. 😅


I have a reason to say that. 

I already told you about my so called cliché life, but i ended it at the part where i broke up with Pico. So here it continues: 

When i broke up with him, i thought it would take me a lot of time to get over everything. I was wrong about that too.

Well…. I’m sorry because i forgot to tell you a small but major detail. Pico and i first got together in 5th grade and we were crazy about each other but lets not overlook the fact that we were too small. So since then we had broken up twice and it was the third time we broke up when i finally decided to get over him with all my heart. ( i had just passed my 10th grade.) 

Okay so continuing the story….When i first got to know about Pico’s crush on sylvie, i was pretty shattered. But i was head over heels in love with him and so i accepted his confession. But i also realized then that he lost the respect i held for him earlier. 

A day after i broke up with him, i was already moving on. I was truely surprized that i could do it so easily. It took me around a month and a half, my best friend’s constant motivation and spending time with my new friends to get over him completely ( and i am sure i have.. But i will explain how i know that later). In that time i got a lot of thinking done over everything, since the start. I could never reach a conclusion about who was at fault but i did realize something- i was already over him before i got back together with him for the last time.

Maybe i needed that last five months to realize that. And so i am grateful i got those 5 months to realize something so vital. 

It was difficult at first. I didn’t think i could fit in a normal life once again so soon…. I think you have already understood how wrong i am about things… 

I have made a lot of new friends now and some of them are significant. I enjoy my life to the fullest. I experience something new everyday. My path often crosses Pico’s,but its fine. When i first saw him again after the break up, i thought it would feel very awkward. But when i faced him that day, i didn’t feel anything. Not those butterflies i used to get in my stomach ( Oh yeah! It happens in real!) and nor did i get speechless in front of him like i used to. I would not go as far as calling him a friend, but it just felt as if i was meeting an acquaintance after a long time. ( And thats how i knew i was over him!!) 

All through this, there was one constant. Emby. And she will always be one. Even though we live far or we dont meet or call as frequent as we used to… It doesn’t change the equation between us.. Nor it ever will. 

I can just say that LIFE IS WONDERFUL. 



7 thoughts on “Life Is Wonderful

    • Girl711 says:

      Thanks. I am glad you liked this post.
      And yeah, i agree! I too spend a lot of time reading posts by fellow bloggers, but its so worth it!


  1. multitudeofmythoughts says:

    Once serious friendships start undergoing this on and off thing,breaks don’t affect us badly.Anyways it is all puppy love…indulge in it but keep yourself immune to hurt and pain.Be prepared from the beginning and programme your mind accordingly that you don’t have to get too attached.Anyways it is good that you have a great friend who is there for you always.
    Okay secondly what I was talkin about was that I would suggest you to eatch BK Sister Shivani speaking on various topics.Go on youtube and watch her videos related to the issue you want to face.

    Liked by 1 person

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