An Apology and Introduction

I am a shitty blogger… Its the fact that i am a person who has always wanted to write a blog ( with a lot of fan following) that keeps me from deleting this blog. But now i have promised myself that i will write regularly. This time not for the sake of people to read… But for myself. To take a burden off me…

I would love to write about my daily life, which by the way is a cliché story of a girl with an amazing best friend and the guy i used to be in love with fell for a close friend of mine ( not my best friend!!) who i don’t if she felt the same about him, but things went downhill after that. . It felt like a proper drama and i would have enjoyed it if is was one… However you won’t feel the same if the drama is un reality your shitty life. Well… Things were pretty bad for almost a year with a lot of crying, fighting, swearing at each other etc. But just when you settle down in your life again, everything gets twisted in the next instant.

I thought the guy ( lets call him Pico ( that was his assigned name in our french class)) had realized his mistake when he confessed his love to me again after that dreadful year… And since me being a girl believing in destiny and fate… And since i still loved him irrevocably.. I agreed to be his girlfriend. Took me exactly 5 months and 2 days to understand that he was trying to make my friend whom he actually liked (lets call her sylvie( again the name being assigned in the french class)) jealous. Maybe it was already too late but finally i decided that he was not the right guy for me and that i needed to move on. All through this, my best friend( calling her Emby ^_^) stood by me like a pillar… She also supported me in my decision.

I finally broke up wid him a day later. It hurt a lot and i cried again that day. But then i decided that it would be the last time i would cry for Pico. And it was.



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