How to make amends with your friends??

Friends are an important part of your life. And everyone should have friends. I know i may sound cruel… because there are so many people who don’t have friends…. But that is what i am saying…. Everyone SHOULD have friends… because if you don’t ,then you are missing out on the best feeling of the World!!!

BUT… I agree it becomes quite a mess when your best friend, or for that matter, any friend stops talking to you….

So….Over the years, i have come up with the few best ways to apologize and make amends with your friends  :

  1. Without an apology, it can be difficult to move forward and make up after an argument.

The way you apologize is going to be slightly different depending on what the offense           was, where it was done, and who you are apologizing to. In general, a good apology                 should consist of:


  • A request for their attention. (“I wanted to talk to you about what went down at our dinner party the other night.”)
  • An acknowledgment of what happened. (“I know I hurt your feelings when I said the salad was the worst I’d ever eaten.”)
  • Sincerity in admitting you did something wrong. (“It was wrong of me to say that. You worked so hard on dinner and I had no right to try and diminish your wonderful meal.”)
  • The words “I’m sorry” or “I apologize.” (“I’m truly sorry for that, Ava. You didn’t deserve that.”)
  • Some humor to mend fences (optional, depending on the situation).(“Who am I to talk? I can’t even dial the phone for takeout half the time.”)

2. Make sorry cards.

Trust me…. your friend will just melt….in NO TIME!!!!



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