First ever!!!!!!

Everyone has a reason to start a blog… So whats mine???

I have always been a very shy and a nervous kind of a person… And that really doesn’t help you in this BIG, REAL WORLD….

I read this book – ” Girl Online ” just a few months back and I was drawn to the idea of the book. The girl in the book faces some problems in life she cannot share with anyone.( i do have my bestfriend with whom i share everything… But i also wanted to see if there are others going through same problems and so we can help each other out.) So she starts a blog anonymously and writes her heartfelt everyday for others to read…. This way she does not need to reveal her identity and she can talk to the whole world about her feelings.

So I figured that maybe even I can do the same thing.

I may not be that good at writing blog posts…. but I will try my best….



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